Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Destruction Unit : Deep Trip

Destruction Unit are; Ryan Rousseau, Rusty Rousseau, Nick Nappa, JS Aurelius and Justin Keefer.  They're a noisy rock band from Arizona.  Since a few line up changes and settling into a five piece the band have released cassettes on their own Ascetic House and a debut LP called 'Void'.   Since making their mark with cacophonous punk Destruction Unit have been picked up by Sacred Bones for 2nd album 'Deep Trip'.  These eight new songs amplify the vortex of crashing sounds forged from psych and rock you may have come to know in previous releases.  "The World On Drugs" opens the album with stormy fuzz, crashing rhythms and bellowing vocals sounding just about as volatile as it gets, and from here the album doesn't let up for a second.  "Slow Death Sounds" shifts things up another gear with delirious vocals, warped guitars and rampant drumming pushing the song to it's limits before sharply coming to an end.  Another favourite track is head-spinner "Control The Light", a raucous track that walks in the steps of punk but in different shoes.  'Deep Trick' is a great new rock album, it's great new rock for that matter, when you're done listening to this it will make everything else you have on your ipod seem like a waste of time.