Monday, June 28, 2010

She 'Outta Reach'

Sacramento 60s girl group's material archived on Causeway Records.

The first side is under the name 'She'. Side B is from material 'The Hairem' - the earlier version of the band. 'Outta Reach' is limited to 550 copies with different colour paste on covers.

Primitive garage punk, with slinky songs that ooze attitude. Think The Fabulous Stains, Shocking Blue, The Shangri-Las.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dead Luke 'American Haircut'


From tortured Troggs 'I Want You' cover to warped synthesized rendition of 'Jump Jack Flash' Dead Luke's songs have always packed a wallop. Intensity is what Dead Luke does and it's still intact, but don't be surprised if there's less of the in-yer-face synth action, and more mellowed out psych jams on new album 'American Haircut' on Florida's Dying.

Loner blues songs are delivered with a middle-eastern-mantra quality to them. And sure, you could say this sounds like it has a little Sun City Girl influence in it especially on 'Dream pt. 3' and 'Acid Forest', and what's wrong with that?!

The album oozes with moodiness and nihilism and while it may be argued this isn't a summer record, I actually find it quite perfect - this is coming from a person who is miserable in the heat mind...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Zulu Stomp!!

New Garage Rock compilation is out on No Smoke hot off the heels of the mind blowing Ngozi Family '45,000 Volts' reissue.

The same label previously released two Garage Rock compilations 'Cazumbi', covering bands from a variety of regions of Africa. 'Zulu Stomp!!' Exclusively celebrates South Africa with mid sixties, psyched out, garage rock stompers. The western influence on the songs is palpable in both language and experimentation with guitars.

It's been a fetish to get as many garage rock compilations as possible around these parts. Just when it seemed the bottom of the barrel had been scrapped No Smoke true to form, come out with another knock out release. Yes, it's probably more than you'd normally spend on an LP, Yes, it will sell out and Yes, it's totally worth your time.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Woven Bones 'In and Out and Back Again'

In little over a year Austin's Woven Bones have delivered a celebrated 4 singles, one 12" and earned a spot on Matador's 2010'Casual Victim Pile' compilation. So, the anticipation for a full length these seething garage rock releases inexorably led to is warranted, but not all the surprising.

'In and Out and Back Again' has just come out on HoZac. The LP is super consistent in itself and compared to their other releases. Their signature heartbeat-throbbing rhythms, mixed with Andrew Burrs unaffected vocals makes the album for a heavy, catatonic listen. Sure, they've tweaked a few things here and there. Overall, 'In and Out and Back Again' is indicative to songs heard on the 'Minus Touch' EP. Clocking in at around 35 minutes, this record was tailor made for an evening at home with some time to kill.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Ty Segall 'Melted'

Ty Segall hasn't wasted anytime since his last release. A lot has been said about Segall's one man band set up and age. From the get go, the records have warranted the hype and third album 'Melted' is no exception.

Signature Ty Segall stompers are mixed in with slow tempo tracks as he explores new songwriting. Clean guitars (electric and acoustic) are balanced through layers of fuzz bringing the influence of 60s garage together with today's DIY aesthetic. Ty invites pals mike donovan (Sic Alps), eric bauer, tim hellman, jigmae baer, emily rose, John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees) and charlie moonheart to the party and overall produces more fully realized pop songs.

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Yussuf Jerusalem 'Heart Full of Sorrow'

By the sounds of things, from a recent interview on Terminal Boredom Florida's Dying could never have anticipated the demand/success of this LP. Now, it looks like it may go into it's third pressing soon.

A Heart Full of Sorrow is an impressive debut from French musician Yussuf Jerusalem. 500 copies were initially pressed (white cover with black ink) and unsurprisingly sold out. The second pressing (white with black ink), is now gone too.

The aptly moody, prophetic black and silver sleeve makes Heart Full of Sorrow look like a metal record. Gripping opening track "Gilles De Rais" is just that. Abrasive, ear-piercing guitar screeches, pummeling drums and evil howling vocals are immediately arresting, reminiscent of a black metal album.

To say the following song is a dramatic change of pace is an understatement. It's like being picked up by the scruff of the neck then being thrown across a room and liking where you end up. "A Heart Full of Sorrow" is a weird Lo-Fi Folk song that sets the tone for the rest of the record.

Melodies as catchy as hell are shrouded with fuzz, reverbs and echoes creating lonely cave-like dwellings. This record oozes eeriness from every pore.

Pigeon-holing Yussuf Jerusalem as Lo-Fi, Indie or Metal is too facile. There are influences of Folk and 60s Garage woven into A Heart Full of Sorrow that give it depth and magic. Standout tracks include "We Ain't Coming Back" and "With You in Mind."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mirrors 'Something That Would Never Do'

Cleveland's Mirrors got the reissue treatment last year and one of their only 7"s has just been reissued! Something That Would Never Do is like a 'greatest hits' of songs recorded between '74 and '75. The elusive and solitary release (until now) 'Shirley' 45 on Hearthan (Pere Ubu's label) is also featured. Band members include Jim Jones (Easter Monkeys and Pere Ubu), Craig (Rocket from the Tombs and Styrenes), Paul Marotta (Styrenes) and founder Jamie Klimek. This essential collection of songs released on Velvet Times is packed with psychedelic-velvet-underground-pop-influenced-effortlessly-cool-jams...phew! With all the DIY/Lo-Fi/Thing-a-ma-jig bands popping up everywhere this reissue couldn't arrive at a more perfect time. There are only 800 available worldwide.

Just reissued 7" 'Shirley' can be found here: