Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tyvek 'Nothing Fits'

Looking around the ICA's bookshop recently I stumbled on some short essays by John Berger, the first of which was on Van Gogh. Berger wrote about the inspiration Van Gogh found in everyday objects, people and scenes. He made art out of the mundane and environment that surrounded him. This got me thinking about Detroit's Tyvek. Even down to prosaically naming the group after a polyethylene fiber, it's these banal details of normal life that Tyvek take their queues from.

The new line up of the band, now a quartet must have discovered Wire in their formative years and channel that pummeling fury from 'Pink Flag' into second full length 'Nothing Fits', which even tears open with a blistering '4-3-1-2'! Full of feedback and distortion, 'Nothing Fits' should not be confused with lo-fi. Tyvek extracts the charged hostility from their first record and distills it into a concise 30 minute punk record.

Following a slew of flawless 7"s and debut LP there may be some who are apprehensive about 'Nothing Fits', can it be as good as their first? Is it possible to do a song I love even more than 'Honda' or 'Frustration Rock'?! When something is this good you don't need to question it, when you hear it, those speculations will be forgotten. Tyvek have gone and outdone themselves. These 12 new songs break down the boring and frustrating parts of the daily grind into brilliant 1:18 punk bursts. Don't over think it, you'll be sorry for not buying this record. In with a bullet one of my favorite releases of the year.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Doozer 'Great Explorers'

Originally released here in the UK on Pickled Eggs Records, (Le Bleu, Daniel Johnston)
Cambridge's The Doozer has found a new home across the pond aptly at Siltbreeze following an introduction to the label from Matt Valentine (Tower Recordings). The one man act has already earned accolades from Byron Coley and Thurston Moore for second album 'Great Explorers'. The Doozer has drawn many comparisons to Syd Barrett, and sure it totally makes sense, for me though the first artists that came to mind were Tommy Jay and Ron House. But you get the idea nevertheless. His loner psyched out folk is completely hypnotic, full of drum machines accompanied with assuaging vocals and seamlessly incorporates spoken word passages throughout the songs. 'Great Explorers' is an outsider artist psych folk gem. Limited to a 500 pressing with download.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Just before 6th album 'Males' hit the streets in August Intelligence launched a new project 'Puberty' and announced on Facebook that 'We Are Recording'! The Seattle based outfit are; Lars Finberg (ex A Frames, Intelligence), Susanna Welbourne (Intelligence), Drew Church, Curtis James, Dave Hernandez, Ryan Leyva and Mike Jawarski. So far, demos are available to hear on Facebook where they pledge their own genre of 'Sewer Pop'. There's an undeniable creepy underbelly to Puberty. Trance like, unaffected boy/girl vocals delivered in eerie two part harmonies are consistent through the 4 songs. 'Invitations' in all of it's slinky glory is a stand out track for sure, while 'Haunt My Trash' kinda reminds me of TV Ghost a little. Remembering, these are still demos of material it's going to be awesome to hear the finished product, as new band Puberty is hitting all the right spots - for this blogger anyway...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Super Wild Horses 'Fifteen'

Super Wild Horses is the latest band budding from the garages, basements and bedrooms of Australia's humming music scene. Their debut full length 'Fifteen' is out on 'Aarght!' in Australia, and HoZac for everywhere else. Amy Franz and Hayley Mckee make up the girl duo both playing keyboards, guitar and drums. The girls have already toured with the likes of Jon Spencer, The Drones and Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Mikey Young of ECSR also recorded their first (sold out) EP and went on to work on 'Fifteen' as well. 'Fifteen' is full of playful two part harmonies, minimalistic post punk wrapped up with 90s a pop feel to it. The Breeders, Black Tambourine both come to mind, but some of their songs wouldn't sound out of place on a Wetdog record either. These 12 new killer songs show just what these girls are capable of while being fun and unassuming at the same time, which makes the record that much more endearing.

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