Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tyvek 'Nothing Fits'

Looking around the ICA's bookshop recently I stumbled on some short essays by John Berger, the first of which was on Van Gogh. Berger wrote about the inspiration Van Gogh found in everyday objects, people and scenes. He made art out of the mundane and environment that surrounded him. This got me thinking about Detroit's Tyvek. Even down to prosaically naming the group after a polyethylene fiber, it's these banal details of normal life that Tyvek take their queues from.

The new line up of the band, now a quartet must have discovered Wire in their formative years and channel that pummeling fury from 'Pink Flag' into second full length 'Nothing Fits', which even tears open with a blistering '4-3-1-2'! Full of feedback and distortion, 'Nothing Fits' should not be confused with lo-fi. Tyvek extracts the charged hostility from their first record and distills it into a concise 30 minute punk record.

Following a slew of flawless 7"s and debut LP there may be some who are apprehensive about 'Nothing Fits', can it be as good as their first? Is it possible to do a song I love even more than 'Honda' or 'Frustration Rock'?! When something is this good you don't need to question it, when you hear it, those speculations will be forgotten. Tyvek have gone and outdone themselves. These 12 new songs break down the boring and frustrating parts of the daily grind into brilliant 1:18 punk bursts. Don't over think it, you'll be sorry for not buying this record. In with a bullet one of my favorite releases of the year.

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