Friday, November 5, 2010

Super Wild Horses 'Fifteen'

Super Wild Horses is the latest band budding from the garages, basements and bedrooms of Australia's humming music scene. Their debut full length 'Fifteen' is out on 'Aarght!' in Australia, and HoZac for everywhere else. Amy Franz and Hayley Mckee make up the girl duo both playing keyboards, guitar and drums. The girls have already toured with the likes of Jon Spencer, The Drones and Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Mikey Young of ECSR also recorded their first (sold out) EP and went on to work on 'Fifteen' as well. 'Fifteen' is full of playful two part harmonies, minimalistic post punk wrapped up with 90s a pop feel to it. The Breeders, Black Tambourine both come to mind, but some of their songs wouldn't sound out of place on a Wetdog record either. These 12 new killer songs show just what these girls are capable of while being fun and unassuming at the same time, which makes the record that much more endearing.

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