Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sun Araw, M Geddes Gengras & The Congos 'ICON GIVE THANK'

RVNG Intl. have been working on a series of music and film releases pairing contemporary artists with predecessors that link them in style or mindset. For their ninth installment the New York based imprint brought together Sun Araw, M Geddes Gengras and St. Catherine, Jamaica dub reggae group The Congos, who offer up 'ICON GIVE THANK'. Accompanying the album is 'ICON EYE', a documentary revealing the recording process which took place at The Congos' studio/home in Jamaica whilst following Sun Araw (Cameron Stallones) in his new surroundings assimilating himself in The Congos' ways. Sun Araw's experimental psychedelic guitars balanced out by The Congos' mesmerizing, otherworldly vocals slowly creep in under your skin prompting repeated listens, enriching the album on every spin. The collective performed 'Icon Give Thank' on Friday just gone (22 June) in East London and the songs on stage lived up to the album in every single way, showing that the recordings had captured the extraordinary chemistry and energy they had forged. Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras and The Congos have created something transcendent with 'Icon Give Thank', striking like a bolt from the blue an unexpected summer favourite.

Find copies at RVNG Intl.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nobunny 'Maximum Rock 'N' Roll EP' & 'La La La La Love You' singles

Everyone's favourite bunny reveals a slew of new songs on two singles for Goner Records and Suicide Squeeze. Since 2010's 'First Blood' Nobunny has focused on touring playing so many shows and showing so much flesh it would make Madonna blush, however when it comes to releasing records Justin Champlin is about quality not quantity. In over ten years performing as Nobunny Champlin has put out three albums, a live record and around five singles, all of which have turned heads, guts and hearts on to his fearless approach to rock 'n' roll tipping its hat to every form the genre has morphed through since Bo Diddley picked up a guitar. This is further shown on 'The Maximum Rock 'n' Roll EP' and 'La La La La Love You' which are so drastically different stylistically it's hard to believe they're from the same bunny! 'MaximumRNR EP' (Goner Records) features arguably the best rock 'n' roll picture EVER on the sleeve, playing out savage punk numbers packed with snotty vocals, razor guitars and rhythms building to an imminent pile up. 'La La La La Love You' on Suicide Squeeze features two heartfelt odes, the A side is a sunny pop number and the B side is damn near the sweetest love song I think I've ever heard. There is said to be more on the way in 2012 from the commando rocker - pop crusher - punk kizza that is Nobunny -- and I for one can't wait.

The Suicide Squeeze 7" was for a singles club, and Goner was a record store day release -- I managed to get mine on discogs though...


Many thanks to Radioslaps, Le Pecheur, Sauna Youth, Hipshakes and Wake Up Dead for an amazing show on Friday, cheers to everyone who came out and partied with us and Power Lunches for having us all. More pictures under '7' in 'Show Pictures' to the right >>

P.S - if anyone has snaps of Radioslaps feel free to send them along (I was doing the door during their set) - send to

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wake Up Dead show this Friday!

Poster by Maus

LOOOOOONG awaited 7 inch record release show for Wake Up Dead, the 3-track-double-A-side slab on EZPZ Records will hopefully be on sale at this show!

Support from the most righteous punk rockin bands in the country
you all love SAUNA YOUTH
HIPSHAKES back from the grave
new Latino sensations RADIO SLAPS
and fresh French psychsters Le PECHEUR

Friday 15th June
@ Power Lunches
Entry 5.00
Doors 8pm

Facebook Event:

Wake Up Dead
Members of Black Time and Black Mamba Beat celebrating the release of their first single.
Bandcamp Blog

Sauna Youth
Rampant and savage punk rock from London four piece.

Off kilter schizoid garage punk by trio based in Bakewell.

Spine grabbing righteous garage rawk brought to London via Spain.
Bandcamp Facebook

Le Pecheur
Spooked and unhinged tangents of lo-fi psychedelia from Parisian band now based in London.
Bandcamp Facebook

Sunday, June 10, 2012

King Tuff 'King Tuff'

Since 2006 Kyle Thomas has been releasing material as King Tuff alongside a variety of projects covering a spectrum of music styles in Feathers, Witch and Happy Birthday as well as touring with Hunx and His Punx. So, it's no wonder that his third solo album draws from a variety of inspirations to make his most eclectic record to date. King Tuff started to turn heads with second album 'Was Dead' (Colonel Records) in 2008 with his love of saccharine melodies, wild guitars and making songs that reach out to the listener and make you feel REALLY good. On this new album from Sub Pop King Tuff explores punk, folk and psychedelia with a full rock sound you might expect from Big Star with the finesse of a contemporary pop focus.

Opener "Anthem" wonderfully captures how King Tuff lets a guitar be a guitar, whilst embellished with effects the hi-fidelity recording quality on the record allows his tight skills and love of playing come through crystal clear. "Sing a love song, that rots in your head", he calls out amongst whirlwind guitars and hand-claps setting an uplifting tone for the album. There are two songs that I just can't get enough of on here, firstly "Stranger" -- an impish number by someone young, about being young, played out with guitars that prowl and strut, vocals that yip and yelp and jangly rhythms making this track a little burst of adrenaline. Secondly, "Baby Just Break" a carefree country inspired number that builds into a joyous explosion of pop. "Things were movin' a little too slow, so I did the opposite of what I know, and I went bustin' loose, straight into the blue", King Tuff sings in a heartfelt holler apace with layers of acoustic and electric guitars, vocals and forthright beats. Another brilliant element of the record is the art work made by King Tuff and Luke Thomas which look like interpretations of the songs featured on the album. I've said it once and I'll say it again about King Tuff, when something makes you feel this good there's no need to question it.

Find copies at Sub Pop

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

John Wesley Coleman III: Interview!

John Wesley Coleman III has had two knock out records so far this year with more on the way, I got a chance to ask JWC a few questions to find out more about him and why he had to wear a mattress costume...

JWC III! An outlaw? Savage Pilgrim? A shapeshifter?! Tell us who are you and where you come from…

I come from Trashville USA orther wise known as Irving, Texas. used to be the home of Dallas Cowboys stadium and some rad skate bros..Irving Hate posse team. I would sit on a curb and listen to the mixtapes on my jambox. Punk Rock. I guess im an outlaw trasher sometimes hustler art baller.

Things are getting surreal over here in the UK with the Queens’ Jubilee this weekend and everyone's bunting (bunting: hanging little flags everywhere, although to me, it sounds rather rude 'I've been bunting' ew) – How are things in your part of the world?

slow stirring..elections are soon. i hate voting for the rich..but i hope Obama wins. cannot stand the republican side of things...even though my father is. i live in texas ..where its run by idiots mostly..old oil money and in the closet politicians and drunks. i wish willie nelson would be president!

You work in a variety of forms, what came first, painting, music or writing?

very very first thing was drawing cartoons and then piano..and then skateboard and then guitar..

Does one act as a testing ground for trying out ideas to be developed into other mediums, or do keep music, writing and visual stuff separate?

it all seems like a plate of mash potatoes with gravy on it! yum.. all blood for vampires and vampire hunters! usually i have add on all things..i wanna do it all at once..slot machine style

I named this blog after a Francis Bacon quote, and something he said rang out in my mind while putting these questions together - "I believe in deeply ordered chaos’". It looks like you keep pretty busy - are you the type of person who thrives in chaos?

chaos works. but chaos causes a lot of messes. i like to clean things up over time. im a slow mopper like Melvin in the Toxic avenger! rad fillum. no good answer. i love carl sagan!

With a background in writing– how important is storytelling in your songs?

it is no different to me than watching TV. "tube" i gotta let you know my insight i guess..bus and concrete..dirty swimming pool..bad game of billiards with some celebrities. thrashin!

Have any influences on your work changed from when you were a kid?

uhmm the value of friendship has influenced my song writing skills..but mainly not so much different than when i was a kid. maybe more sad. but not real sad. happy/sad. tim buckley but not heroin. that shit is stupid. maybe like a "a dried out piece of plywood in the heat of the summer with no shade to protect it and one lonely skateboarder starring at the lonely birds on the fence trying to drink from the skies."

How important is it to have a sense of humour in what you do?

very very important! makes the world round.

The thing I really enjoy about your work is focus on trash and the trashy, turning rubbish into art. It got me thinking, at what point does trash turn into 'art'? A urinal hung in a gallery, The Ramones first record being compared to toilets flushing, the band, the Urinals -- all these guys made people see something more in something ugly...where's the line?

well ughh art is fart. me dig deep for something so shallow.

Who do you imagine listens to your records?

not sure. i met a shrink who likes my records in chicago. boys and girls and men and women. my dog and cat does too!! no very many police do. punk rockers like some of it and so do songwriter people sometimes...fishermen. drug addicts. pub crawlers.

What’s been a memorable moment whilst touring so far?

timmy vulger's bbq in detroit.
holding dan mcgee's baby in NC. she cried. i stink.

Do you prefer playing or recording?

i love both extremely satisfying!

What if any current bands do you follow?

all my friends bands. hard to say..label mates and austin bands. uhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

walter daniels...uhhmmmmmmmmm neil michael haggerty.......spider bags...timmy vulger...followed by static...list goes on...justin robertson!

What's the worst job you’ve ever had?

wearing a mattress costume out in the summer heat trying to sell mattresses. barbacking at the beauty bar during sxsw. bs! job. gross

Any future projects coming up that we can watch out for?

new full length coming out on Tic Tac Totally. a couple of singles. working on a new album now. sounds like clockwork orange punk santana..very hippie one will like it. but me.

"I’m full of dust and guitars’ Syd Barrett – if you were sliced in half what would be inside?

cheeseburgers and bad jokes!

John Wesley Coleman III Blog Records Golden Boys

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Footage From Zarjaz's Show at The Dalston Victoria

Here's some footage from last weeks show filmed by Charlie Wrench, Zarjaz from Freakapuss playing 'Marsage' accompanied by Steve Dore on Bongos.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ty Segall & White Fence 'Hair'

Psycho rock troubadour Ty Segall combines forces with fellow West Coast artist White Fence for a very special release on Drag City. Since releasing solo material in 2008 Ty Segall already has a prolific output that has gone from strength to strength following rock music down it's many avenues and alley ways. White Fence is fronted by Tim Presley who is making waves with his ethereal psychedelic folk on a sold out record for Woodsist at present. The duo bring you 'Hair', a meeting of freakish folk making folk freaky with gallivanting guitars, somersaulting keys and jarring rhythms running with the pulse of rock today whilst channeling sounds of the 60s.

Roused by "Time" the album opens with a mantric "1,2,3,4", giving off stoner vibes with hypno-harmonies, strung out strings and layers of fuzz drifting in and out of focus. One thing that stood out on this record is how rhythms curiously chop and change, pushing and pulling you all over the place and while you may feel out of control listening, Segall and Presley are very much in control when playing. This is best shown on "Scissor People", playing out frenetic beats alongside unaffected vocals and joyfully feral guitars flexing every rock and psych muscle at breakneck pace before abruptly buckling. Clocking in at around the 30 minute mark these eight tracks hit all the rock, pop, folk and psych pleasure centres whilst leaving you wanting more. This is a fantastic collaboration between two people fully testing the limits and taking rock 'n' roll further into the unknown.

Copies of 'Hair' at Drag City Norman Records