Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ty Segall & White Fence 'Hair'

Psycho rock troubadour Ty Segall combines forces with fellow West Coast artist White Fence for a very special release on Drag City. Since releasing solo material in 2008 Ty Segall already has a prolific output that has gone from strength to strength following rock music down it's many avenues and alley ways. White Fence is fronted by Tim Presley who is making waves with his ethereal psychedelic folk on a sold out record for Woodsist at present. The duo bring you 'Hair', a meeting of freakish folk making folk freaky with gallivanting guitars, somersaulting keys and jarring rhythms running with the pulse of rock today whilst channeling sounds of the 60s.

Roused by "Time" the album opens with a mantric "1,2,3,4", giving off stoner vibes with hypno-harmonies, strung out strings and layers of fuzz drifting in and out of focus. One thing that stood out on this record is how rhythms curiously chop and change, pushing and pulling you all over the place and while you may feel out of control listening, Segall and Presley are very much in control when playing. This is best shown on "Scissor People", playing out frenetic beats alongside unaffected vocals and joyfully feral guitars flexing every rock and psych muscle at breakneck pace before abruptly buckling. Clocking in at around the 30 minute mark these eight tracks hit all the rock, pop, folk and psych pleasure centres whilst leaving you wanting more. This is a fantastic collaboration between two people fully testing the limits and taking rock 'n' roll further into the unknown.

Copies of 'Hair' at Drag City Norman Records

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