Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nobunny 'Maximum Rock 'N' Roll EP' & 'La La La La Love You' singles

Everyone's favourite bunny reveals a slew of new songs on two singles for Goner Records and Suicide Squeeze. Since 2010's 'First Blood' Nobunny has focused on touring playing so many shows and showing so much flesh it would make Madonna blush, however when it comes to releasing records Justin Champlin is about quality not quantity. In over ten years performing as Nobunny Champlin has put out three albums, a live record and around five singles, all of which have turned heads, guts and hearts on to his fearless approach to rock 'n' roll tipping its hat to every form the genre has morphed through since Bo Diddley picked up a guitar. This is further shown on 'The Maximum Rock 'n' Roll EP' and 'La La La La Love You' which are so drastically different stylistically it's hard to believe they're from the same bunny! 'MaximumRNR EP' (Goner Records) features arguably the best rock 'n' roll picture EVER on the sleeve, playing out savage punk numbers packed with snotty vocals, razor guitars and rhythms building to an imminent pile up. 'La La La La Love You' on Suicide Squeeze features two heartfelt odes, the A side is a sunny pop number and the B side is damn near the sweetest love song I think I've ever heard. There is said to be more on the way in 2012 from the commando rocker - pop crusher - punk kizza that is Nobunny -- and I for one can't wait.

The Suicide Squeeze 7" was for a singles club, and Goner was a record store day release -- I managed to get mine on discogs though...

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