Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sun Araw, M Geddes Gengras & The Congos 'ICON GIVE THANK'

RVNG Intl. have been working on a series of music and film releases pairing contemporary artists with predecessors that link them in style or mindset. For their ninth installment the New York based imprint brought together Sun Araw, M Geddes Gengras and St. Catherine, Jamaica dub reggae group The Congos, who offer up 'ICON GIVE THANK'. Accompanying the album is 'ICON EYE', a documentary revealing the recording process which took place at The Congos' studio/home in Jamaica whilst following Sun Araw (Cameron Stallones) in his new surroundings assimilating himself in The Congos' ways. Sun Araw's experimental psychedelic guitars balanced out by The Congos' mesmerizing, otherworldly vocals slowly creep in under your skin prompting repeated listens, enriching the album on every spin. The collective performed 'Icon Give Thank' on Friday just gone (22 June) in East London and the songs on stage lived up to the album in every single way, showing that the recordings had captured the extraordinary chemistry and energy they had forged. Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras and The Congos have created something transcendent with 'Icon Give Thank', striking like a bolt from the blue an unexpected summer favourite.

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