Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Thank you to everyone who came out last night, had an absolute blast. Special thanks to Zarjaz from Freakapuss, The Pheromoans and WAY THROUGH for playing!

Friday, May 25, 2012

feedtime 'The Aberrant Years'

feedtime formed at the tail end of the 70s in Sydney Australia -- with the name intentionally spelt all lowercase. During the 80s the trio; Rick (guitar, vocals), Al (bass) and Tom (beats) recorded four albums at first exclusively with Aberrant Records but then landed a deal with Rough Trade and Megadisc helping them reach a wider audience. They were well received both on their home turf and overseas and just as they were poised to venture on a US tour the group disbanded making 'Suction' the final installment of the feedtime cannon.

Their sound is every part influenced by rock as it is punk and blues held together by three individuals searching for something pure and instinctive in their art, so it's easy to see why their material has stood the test of time and is still revered so highly today, bringing us to Sub Pop collection; 'The Aberrant Years'. feedtime are the dark, abrasive side of postpunk but evade being pinned down and for the uninitiated, fans of Cheater Slicks would - I think it's safe to say - enjoy a listen of their stuff. The collection as a whole culls feedtime's complete works from 1979-1989 including all four albums plus singles and rarities. There is a 4LP box set accompanied by a download of all the tracks available on the CD version as well as a booklet with in-depth liner notes.

Sub Pop have written a great band history that you can check out right here

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Show Update: Tronics/Freakapuss w/ The Pheromoans & Way Through

A big thank you to Way Through for this wonderful poster for next Tuesday's show.

Friendly reminder -

Zarjaz from Tronics & Freakapuss will be playing a mixture of Tronics and Freakapuss material alongside London up and comers The Pheromoans and Way Through -

Tuesday May 29th

@ The Dalston Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Road, E8


Sunday, May 20, 2012

G.Green 'The Gay 90s b/w Tequila Sunrise'

Here we have the 3rd release from G. Green, a 7" Flexi called 'The Gay 90s b/w Tequila Sunrise' on Italian Beach Babes. The single features a lovingly put together booklet in which Andrew Henderson (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) tells the G.Green story thus far. In a nutshell, G. Green started as 'The Dampers' when Henderson recorded songs on a Fostex digital 8 track in the basement of his parents house in Orem, UT during High School. He moved to Folsom, CA and began experimenting with Garageband, made and sent out CD-r's and received support from KDVS radio which seemed to have helped propel things. Henderson continued to release records, went through a few line up changes, made his way on to some pretty great bills (Ty Segall and Wounded Lion to name a few) and moved to Sacremento which is where he found drummer Liz Liles. The pair recorded this single together and then recruited Mike Morales on guitar and Simi Sohota on bass to complete the line up. This double A Side Flexi is a whirlwind of sludgy Lo-Pop delivering wrong-footed guitars, boy/girl vocals, a great gulping bass and feverish rhythms. G. Green have since become part of the 12XU roster with one new single out already and a debut album 'Crap Culture' due out later in 2012.

Find Copies at Italian Beach Babes and if you're in London Kristina Records

G. Green Twitter Tumblr Bandcamp Soundcloud

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Golden Boys 'Dirty Fingernails' Video

The Golden Boys have a new video for "Dirty Fingernails" from their recent album on 12XU records, this has TOTALLY got me in the mood for the weekend...and pizza...but mostly the weekend.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mad Scene 'Blip'

Mad Scene have a new release on Siltbreeze called 'Blip' featuring; Lisa Siegel, Georgia Hubley, Hamish Kilgour, Brian Turner, Steve Thornton, Gary Olsen, Josh Feldman, Cassie Tunick, Danny Tunick, produced by Sonic Boom. This all-star line up is comprised of restless musicians, constantly hard at work with a variety projects so it's no wonder it took 17 years for things to fall in place to make a follow up to 'Chinese Honey' (Merge). These twelve foggy songs are modeled on woolgathering vocals, a constellation of eventide guitars transmitting hazy delay and echo alongside sugary keys. 'Blip' is delivered with daydream wanderings reminiscent popsters Television Personalities married with the finesse of Flying Nun sounds and a DIY kick. Over the course of the album the songs steadily gather momentum from track "Cat Burglar" offering up gusts of fuzz and aerial vocals, to the sanguine tinged "T.Rex" playing out razor like guitars, rumbling bass and spirited beats. Already a favourite of the year Mad Scene have certainly set the bar very high, 'Blip' wonderfully captures the incredible chemistry within the group and is a treasure chest of beautifully crafted pop songs like nothing else around.

Find copies in the UK here US here

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Letha Rodman Melchior: Watercolours

Letha Rodman Melchior has just posted a staggering collection of watercolours on her blog Letha's Funtime Watercolour Paintings and Other Art. I'm now the proud owner of 'Foggy Street', apologies for being braggy but I was thrilled when this turned up in the post yesterday. Her work is fairly priced and all proceeds from the pieces are put towards buying materials to continue painting. Letha will happily send any further information on the collection or particular image if you drop her an email at: Well worth a look!

Letha's Cancer Fund:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

John Wesley Coleman III 'The Last Donkey Show'

Texan enigma John Wesley Coleman III's latest album 'The Last Donkey Show' is out now on Goner Records. To date JWC III has four albums a handful of singles and some releases with another band The Golden Boys. On 'The Last Donkey Show' John Wesley Coleman III offers up sprightly keys, joyous brass arrangements and crunchy psyched out guitars. The album is made up of twelve trashy riddles played out with the rock 'n' roll gusto of Reigning Sound, the raw drive in Punk and brilliant wanderings of country & blues.

Hitting the ground running "My Grave" gives a taste of things to come with ramshackle rhythms peppered by dizzying keys which is followed by bug-eyed number "A Clown Gave You A Baby", a savage and vibrant thumper swirling with flaming synths, forthright beats and acerbic guitars. A personal highpoint is "Running Into The Bulls" a tender ode to and by a pair of vagabond sweethearts, featuring boy vs girl vocals propelled by a soft runaway drum roll and a freely tumbling guitar which erupts with a full band towards the end before plaintively fading out. John Wesley Coleman III's gonzo pop continues to overturn the norms whilst evading being pinned down utilizing sleazy sonnets and doggerel rhymes, some may say he's kinda quirky, and they might right but to you and me, a songful outlaw.

Find copies at Goner

John Welsey Coleman III blog