Sunday, May 6, 2012

John Wesley Coleman III 'The Last Donkey Show'

Texan enigma John Wesley Coleman III's latest album 'The Last Donkey Show' is out now on Goner Records. To date JWC III has four albums a handful of singles and some releases with another band The Golden Boys. On 'The Last Donkey Show' John Wesley Coleman III offers up sprightly keys, joyous brass arrangements and crunchy psyched out guitars. The album is made up of twelve trashy riddles played out with the rock 'n' roll gusto of Reigning Sound, the raw drive in Punk and brilliant wanderings of country & blues.

Hitting the ground running "My Grave" gives a taste of things to come with ramshackle rhythms peppered by dizzying keys which is followed by bug-eyed number "A Clown Gave You A Baby", a savage and vibrant thumper swirling with flaming synths, forthright beats and acerbic guitars. A personal highpoint is "Running Into The Bulls" a tender ode to and by a pair of vagabond sweethearts, featuring boy vs girl vocals propelled by a soft runaway drum roll and a freely tumbling guitar which erupts with a full band towards the end before plaintively fading out. John Wesley Coleman III's gonzo pop continues to overturn the norms whilst evading being pinned down utilizing sleazy sonnets and doggerel rhymes, some may say he's kinda quirky, and they might right but to you and me, a songful outlaw.

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  1. Hi! thank you for the kind words. Do you book shows in the UK/ london?
    I'm thinking of flying over there soon and playing a gig. do you know Black Time?