Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Zoltars 'Should I Try Once More?'

Following on from the first self titled single just over a year ago Sundae Records brings us debut album from Austin's The Zoltars entitled 'Should I Try Once More?' Switching up from his initial garage pop approach Jared Leibowich further explores layers of murky fuzz and echo utilizing elements of folk clouded with psychedelia. Up until Leibowich's final year at Chicago University in 2008 his main medium was film and had never played in a band or written a song before. Playing music kind of fell into his lap when he was resigned to his dorm room whilst resting up from illness. Mixing the two together 'Should I Try Once More?' is a concept album whereby each song is a scene telling the story of someone falling in love once more, a music video will accompany each track on the album which will be released periodically throughout April.

'Should I Try Once More?' moves at a super consistent pace allowing subtle shifts in rhythm and guitar patterns to denote different moods in the story. Sure, it's narrative heavy and the lyrics clearly guide you through however, it's more like they're an advert to draw you in and pull you to the core where the music sits and gives the story depth. "Perfect Girl" was the first song to get stuck in my head, it weighs out shoegazing, daydreaming and straight up downer pop that swirls and roams, "We'll walk through the city when it's late at night, we'll be in the right place we'll be out of sight, she'll make sure that we'll always be close, even if I ever get comatose" laments Leibowich. The other stand out track is "I Took Your Girl Away", a totally cocky number full of attitude mixing folk, psych and pop, Leibowich boasts, "When we're naked in the night and you keep hoping she's alright, I hope we'll get in quite a fight because she won't leave without a fight". 'Should I Try Once More?' definitely deserves repeated listens as more of the story unravels with every spin, the departure from garage pop and developing new ideas and approaches has served The Zoltars well, great debut.

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  1. Great album! I tell people this stuff is my pick for album of 2012 and they're like "who?" but I really feel it takes the cake over the big name stuff everyone was talking about.