Sunday, November 25, 2012

Talk Normal 'Sunshine'

Talk Normal have returned with new full length 'Sunshine' on Joyful Noise.  The jarring and brash approach that made 'Sugarland' a stand out album in 2009 remains at the core, but also introduces a few lush and bright sounds into the mix.  From start to finish the album brims with tension from militant beats, siren guitars, chanting vocals and intermittent hissing effects, best shown on title track "Sunshine".  It's this fierce approach that fittingly expresses their despondent point of view.  Another highlight is "Shot This Time" featuring unhinged vocals apace with rattled rhythms and contorted, grinding guitars driving distortion to its limits.  Talk Normal are a band staying true to their New York No Wave roots whilst forging their own distinct presence in this league.  This is a great follow up album and noise-fiends - if you haven't had a chance to check their stuff out yet well worth your time.  There's limited pink vinyl, cassette, double LP and CD versions available that you can get from them on Talk Normals website.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kitchen's Floor 'Bitter Defeat/Down'

New single 'Bitter Defeat/Down' by Australia's Kitchen's Floor has just come out on Negative Guestlist Records.  The initial versions of 'Bitter Defeat' and 'Down' were recorded back in February, however the untimely passing of NGR founder Brendon Annesley motivated alternate versions of both tracks sounding like a sort of cathartic exercise.  These new songs are fittingly even more bleak than past material utilizing sparse acoustic guitars, morose keys and minimal rhythms accompanied by ruminative echo-heavy vocals. A new video filmed by the band is up for 'Bitter Defeat', the third music video filmed in Matt Kennedy's home, a building that dates back a century and has hosted DIY shows for local acts.  Copies are available over at Negative Guestlist Bandcamp - download comes with an extra song too.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pink Reason 'Ache For You'

Nearly ten years in and Pink Reason has two stellar records and a slew of singles under his belt - all on some great labels like Columbus Discount, Florida's Dying, Almost Ready and Siltbreeze. From earlier recordings like 'Clean The Mirror' to new single 'Ache For You' one can see ideas and songwriting evolve whilst the grit, the dirt, the damage remain at the crux of songs that shoot from the side lines.

'Ache For You' is a savage love song featuring a cacophony razor guitars, howling vocals and fierce rhythms. Recorded by Adam Smith the single has a raspy quality to it, during a time when the word 'lofi' gets batted around so frequently - Kevin De Broux's songs give credence to the term that has almost lost meaning recently. Rooted in Punk and Rock these new songs continue De Broux's search for finding beauty in the squalid, further shown on B Side 'Darken Daze'. Taking in the whole catalogue it's plain to see focus on quality not quantity and with 'Ache For You' showing Pink Reason going from strength to strength, I would happily wait another year for a single like this.

Available through Savage Quality Recordings
Hear 'Ache For You' on Savage Quality Recordings Bandcamp
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Also out recently is a Negative Guestlist Jukebox Single:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Total Control 'Scene From A Marriage'

Australian six piece Total Control released their debut just over a year ago and it instantly became a favourite with music nerds and freaks alike.  'Henge Beat' (Iron Lung) was followed up by a split with Thee Oh Sees (Castle Face), and as I've been listening to these songs just as much now as 12 months ago it's hard to hold back from talking up their new single.  'Scene From A Marriage' (Sub Pop) has the brooding tone and all the gusto you would expect from Total Control, but don't be surprised to hear a few new ideas thrown into the mix.  Secured at the core of 'Scene From A Marriage' are raw acoustic guitars gradually fleshed out by electric guitars layered over the top.  Wrong-footed beats propel the track alongside tidal "aaa" vocals amplifying a sense of anxiety, further shown by Daniel Stewart despondently repeating "...and it keeps on ringing".  Flipping over is 'Contract', showing the band's penchant for electronics utilizing a drum machine and keyboards to reinvent 'Scene From A Marriage', resulting with reverb drenched vocals and lighter synthesized melodies.  This single attests that Total Control continue to side-step being defined, it's a conundrum I'm thoroughly enjoying and pretty sure I'm not the only one either.  Grab this single while you can, or regret missing out later...

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