Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pink Reason 'Ache For You'

Nearly ten years in and Pink Reason has two stellar records and a slew of singles under his belt - all on some great labels like Columbus Discount, Florida's Dying, Almost Ready and Siltbreeze. From earlier recordings like 'Clean The Mirror' to new single 'Ache For You' one can see ideas and songwriting evolve whilst the grit, the dirt, the damage remain at the crux of songs that shoot from the side lines.

'Ache For You' is a savage love song featuring a cacophony razor guitars, howling vocals and fierce rhythms. Recorded by Adam Smith the single has a raspy quality to it, during a time when the word 'lofi' gets batted around so frequently - Kevin De Broux's songs give credence to the term that has almost lost meaning recently. Rooted in Punk and Rock these new songs continue De Broux's search for finding beauty in the squalid, further shown on B Side 'Darken Daze'. Taking in the whole catalogue it's plain to see focus on quality not quantity and with 'Ache For You' showing Pink Reason going from strength to strength, I would happily wait another year for a single like this.

Available through Savage Quality Recordings
Hear 'Ache For You' on Savage Quality Recordings Bandcamp
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Also out recently is a Negative Guestlist Jukebox Single:

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