Sunday, November 25, 2012

Talk Normal 'Sunshine'

Talk Normal have returned with new full length 'Sunshine' on Joyful Noise.  The jarring and brash approach that made 'Sugarland' a stand out album in 2009 remains at the core, but also introduces a few lush and bright sounds into the mix.  From start to finish the album brims with tension from militant beats, siren guitars, chanting vocals and intermittent hissing effects, best shown on title track "Sunshine".  It's this fierce approach that fittingly expresses their despondent point of view.  Another highlight is "Shot This Time" featuring unhinged vocals apace with rattled rhythms and contorted, grinding guitars driving distortion to its limits.  Talk Normal are a band staying true to their New York No Wave roots whilst forging their own distinct presence in this league.  This is a great follow up album and noise-fiends - if you haven't had a chance to check their stuff out yet well worth your time.  There's limited pink vinyl, cassette, double LP and CD versions available that you can get from them on Talk Normals website.

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