Sunday, November 4, 2012

Total Control 'Scene From A Marriage'

Australian six piece Total Control released their debut just over a year ago and it instantly became a favourite with music nerds and freaks alike.  'Henge Beat' (Iron Lung) was followed up by a split with Thee Oh Sees (Castle Face), and as I've been listening to these songs just as much now as 12 months ago it's hard to hold back from talking up their new single.  'Scene From A Marriage' (Sub Pop) has the brooding tone and all the gusto you would expect from Total Control, but don't be surprised to hear a few new ideas thrown into the mix.  Secured at the core of 'Scene From A Marriage' are raw acoustic guitars gradually fleshed out by electric guitars layered over the top.  Wrong-footed beats propel the track alongside tidal "aaa" vocals amplifying a sense of anxiety, further shown by Daniel Stewart despondently repeating "...and it keeps on ringing".  Flipping over is 'Contract', showing the band's penchant for electronics utilizing a drum machine and keyboards to reinvent 'Scene From A Marriage', resulting with reverb drenched vocals and lighter synthesized melodies.  This single attests that Total Control continue to side-step being defined, it's a conundrum I'm thoroughly enjoying and pretty sure I'm not the only one either.  Grab this single while you can, or regret missing out later...

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