Friday, April 6, 2012

'Bring Beer' Compilation

Record store day is upon us and I have my own mixed feelings about the event. I love seeing shops packed to the rafters and everyone hanging out to support their favourite music retailers but, endless queuing, items being put on ebay and people walking away empty handed because the person before them bought everything as though the plane was going down is a real bummer. The thing that doesn't sit right is record stores are a place where I've always felt at home and the frenzy that has become RSD leaves people excluded in a place where everyone should be able to get a look in and have a good time. There are some great titles I'm looking forward to like Lee Hazlewood and Gene Clark, but where to get them from? Will the stores that I like to visit have these releases? Some places get left in the dust in the stampede to try and get stock for RSD and this is exactly what this new compilation on 12XU addresses.

12XU Records have found their own way of celebrating Record Store Day by giving back to the unsung heroes of music retail. 'Bring Beer' is a new compilation on the label that will see all profits being donated to Austin's Trailer Space. Trailer Space functions as a practice studio for bands including some featured on this album, as well as hosting free all ages instores and provides a preferred general hangout spot all year round. 'Bring Beer' is splattered with rock in all it's shapes and sizes along with folk and psychedelic jams from artists like; Chris Brokaw, Carolee, The Golden Boys and Flesh Lights. I've never been to Texas but hope to one day visit and go to this store as I know whatever the time of year it will feel like Record Store Day.

Bands featured on the release:

Diehard garage punk from Austin based three piece.
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Nazi Gold
Strutting rock stomp form Texan trio.

Rhett and Dean
Classic rolling rock by Austin based Duo.
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Tidal and wayward psychedelia melting hearts, minds and faces.

James Arthur Manhunt
Siren spattered noise from our new fuzz overlords.

Naw Dude
Breakneck and guttural turbo punk from Austin Quartet.
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Deranged, kraut infested rawk by Austin five piece.

Followed by Static
Tremorous, stinging folk and pop inspired rock hammered out by Velvet, Rut based six piece.

The Golden Boys
Sprightly, re-imagined version of "Sidewalk" by Austin's party makers and music shakers -- taken from new album 'Dirty Fingernails'.

Chris Brokaw
Chilling and lush motley folk.

Philip Sambol
Tender, bluesy serenade from Strange Boys band member.

Flesh Lights
Pulse racing commotion from spunky Austin trio of garage punks.

Reckless and raucous racket makers from Utah four piece.
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Naw Dude
Breakneck and guttural turbo punk from Austin Quartet.
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Air Traffic Controllers
Primal and fierce wanderings of ballistic rock by Austin outfit.
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Record store day is April 21st, if you can't make it to Trailer Space well worth checking in with the label to see if you can get your hands on a copy...12XU

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