Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mad Scene 'Blip'

Mad Scene have a new release on Siltbreeze called 'Blip' featuring; Lisa Siegel, Georgia Hubley, Hamish Kilgour, Brian Turner, Steve Thornton, Gary Olsen, Josh Feldman, Cassie Tunick, Danny Tunick, produced by Sonic Boom. This all-star line up is comprised of restless musicians, constantly hard at work with a variety projects so it's no wonder it took 17 years for things to fall in place to make a follow up to 'Chinese Honey' (Merge). These twelve foggy songs are modeled on woolgathering vocals, a constellation of eventide guitars transmitting hazy delay and echo alongside sugary keys. 'Blip' is delivered with daydream wanderings reminiscent popsters Television Personalities married with the finesse of Flying Nun sounds and a DIY kick. Over the course of the album the songs steadily gather momentum from track "Cat Burglar" offering up gusts of fuzz and aerial vocals, to the sanguine tinged "T.Rex" playing out razor like guitars, rumbling bass and spirited beats. Already a favourite of the year Mad Scene have certainly set the bar very high, 'Blip' wonderfully captures the incredible chemistry within the group and is a treasure chest of beautifully crafted pop songs like nothing else around.

Find copies in the UK here US here

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