Sunday, May 20, 2012

G.Green 'The Gay 90s b/w Tequila Sunrise'

Here we have the 3rd release from G. Green, a 7" Flexi called 'The Gay 90s b/w Tequila Sunrise' on Italian Beach Babes. The single features a lovingly put together booklet in which Andrew Henderson (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) tells the G.Green story thus far. In a nutshell, G. Green started as 'The Dampers' when Henderson recorded songs on a Fostex digital 8 track in the basement of his parents house in Orem, UT during High School. He moved to Folsom, CA and began experimenting with Garageband, made and sent out CD-r's and received support from KDVS radio which seemed to have helped propel things. Henderson continued to release records, went through a few line up changes, made his way on to some pretty great bills (Ty Segall and Wounded Lion to name a few) and moved to Sacremento which is where he found drummer Liz Liles. The pair recorded this single together and then recruited Mike Morales on guitar and Simi Sohota on bass to complete the line up. This double A Side Flexi is a whirlwind of sludgy Lo-Pop delivering wrong-footed guitars, boy/girl vocals, a great gulping bass and feverish rhythms. G. Green have since become part of the 12XU roster with one new single out already and a debut album 'Crap Culture' due out later in 2012.

Find Copies at Italian Beach Babes and if you're in London Kristina Records

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