Friday, May 25, 2012

feedtime 'The Aberrant Years'

feedtime formed at the tail end of the 70s in Sydney Australia -- with the name intentionally spelt all lowercase. During the 80s the trio; Rick (guitar, vocals), Al (bass) and Tom (beats) recorded four albums at first exclusively with Aberrant Records but then landed a deal with Rough Trade and Megadisc helping them reach a wider audience. They were well received both on their home turf and overseas and just as they were poised to venture on a US tour the group disbanded making 'Suction' the final installment of the feedtime cannon.

Their sound is every part influenced by rock as it is punk and blues held together by three individuals searching for something pure and instinctive in their art, so it's easy to see why their material has stood the test of time and is still revered so highly today, bringing us to Sub Pop collection; 'The Aberrant Years'. feedtime are the dark, abrasive side of postpunk but evade being pinned down and for the uninitiated, fans of Cheater Slicks would - I think it's safe to say - enjoy a listen of their stuff. The collection as a whole culls feedtime's complete works from 1979-1989 including all four albums plus singles and rarities. There is a 4LP box set accompanied by a download of all the tracks available on the CD version as well as a booklet with in-depth liner notes.

Sub Pop have written a great band history that you can check out right here

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