Monday, October 25, 2010

Black Mamba Beat

Ever since killer 'Work That Skirt/Black Mamba Beat' split tape made its way around stereos in 2008, it's the height of understatement to say I was excited for this debut full length. And here it is! Courtesy of Jeektune Records the self titled first album from Black Mamba Beat is here! Celebrating it's release recently at Ryans' Bar, the London based South African band boasts none other than Mr Stix of the mighty Black Time as one of its members. Sure, it's fair to say if you like Black Time you'll dig Black Mamba Beat, but don't be surprised to find differences between the two. Scratchy guitars and lofi recordings are consistent with Black Time stuff, but, Black Mamba Beat is dominated by male vocals and takes post-punk in a pop-py direction. Featuring 'Where Was I?' and 'Indigo Skatecamp' from the the cassette plus ten new head bashing songs, Chief Sosati (guitar, vocals), Space Rat (Bass, vocals) and Rosie Skinz (drums) are some of UK's DIY finest. It seems few and far between with the sheer volume of records that get put out every day now, that you get excited before something comes out, save up money and go get it right on the release date - like we used to right? Black Mamba Beat is one of those bands that created that for me, may be they will for you too, I don't know...

"BLACK MAMBA(Dendroaspis polylepis) is an elapid snake and is one of Africa's most dangerous snakes. It has been known to arrive at parties and inject patrons with its venomous beer bite which causes people to headbang or shake a tail feather, the "fuck it, let's have fun" ingredient in the venom eradicates all pretense and pose. Ingredients of said venom include obsession with Minutemen econo ethics, Beat Happenin' beats, CCR and Mat's flannel. “We walk like the lion!! We got the BEAT!”"

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  1. Hey KP!
    I put out a tape by black mamba beat and wake up dead and would love to get in touch with you to get you a copy just for yr enjoyment! I think you dig both of the bands so I know you'd dig on the tape! It's 30 minutes of lo-fi garage mastery.
    e-mail me at:
    kindturkeyrecords AT
    and I'll get you a copy!