Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cheap Time 'Fanstastic Explanations (And Similar Situations'

The wait is over! 'Fantastic Explanations (And Similar Situations)', follow up to 2008's universally loved debut from Cheap Time is out on In The Red. In the 10 or so years Jeffrey Novak has been releasing material, his song writing style has unfolded from his first project Jeffrey Novak's One Man Band, to teeth shattering Rat Traps stuff, to ritzy self released 'After the Ball'. The slew of Cheap Time's first singles on Douchemaster and Sweet Rot saw all of this rolled into one with sneaky references to Big Star, Milk 'n' Cookies and Redd Kross. Mixing 70s rock with contemporary garage punk using power pop to facilitate their inspiration, Cheap Time creates an irresistible glittering modern kind of glam-punk-watchimacallits. It's become something of internet fodder that original engineer Mike McHugh suffered a breakdown and chucked the band out of the studio at gunpoint during the recording of 'Fantastic Explanations'. The tapes were retrieved and then finished by Earle Mankey (ex Sparks). I'm a believer that the mistakes and screw ups can play just as (if not more than) an important part in art being made - and in this case, not that I like reading that people were held at gunpoint mind, Mankey has helped make one hell of a record. Highlights 'Down the Tube' and 'I'd Rather Be Alone'. This record is available exclusively in this stratosphere, as in world wide, as in right now!

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