Friday, December 3, 2010

Dikes of Holland 'Dikes of Holland'

Exciting new bands have been erupting from Austin's bedrooms, basements and bars solidly for quite some time now. Earlier in the year this was celebrated on Matador's 'Casual Victim Pile Austin 2010' compilation. This garage rock treasure trove has seen many of the then unsigned bands snapped up and gone on to release their first albums. This is how I was introduced to the Dikes of Holland. (Track 'Little City Girl' featured on said compilation and isn't on this new record.)

Just last month Sundae Records released Dikes of Hollands' debut self titled LP, with art work by Jeff Swanson. Recorded by John Paul Bohon at the band's home studio, The Neck Beard Ranch, it sure does sounds like these guys rolled up, plugged in and belted the 11 songs out. In its energy the record brings the Carbonas stuff to mind. Make no mistake though, 'Dikes of Holland' is a solid party garage rock piece. The quintet amalgamates that familiar jangly sound that can be heard in contemporary acts, (Harlem are a one of my favourites for that) and 80s garage rock revival. Spewing catchy-as-hell hooks and unrelenting clobbering rhythms Dikes of Holland morphs 30 minutes of your time into a pummeling party. One for the Christmas list.

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