Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Zoltars 'The Zoltars'

Sundae Records has treated us all to one more release before 2010 draws to a close. Ending the year on a high note The Zoltar's new self titled 7" is a humdinger. The single was recorded at The Neckbeard Ranch, Dikes of Holland's studio with Chris Anton at the helm and mastering by Aaron Schroeder. The Zoltar's type of garage pop makes them Austin's answer to bands like Fresh & Onlys and Ty Segall. But it you think this means you've heard it all before, think again. Charismatic, heady guitar melodies, jangly rhythms come through an overlay of haze juxtaposed with a lovable cockiness in the idle/laid back tone in the vocals which begs for repeated listens. Before you know it you'll be catching yourself singing 'It's the batcay-ay-ay-ay-ave'! The trio's new single comes with a download and you can listen to it here!

Also available a split tape with Cowabunga Babes on Kill/Hurt

Also available a live tape on Voice Academy Records

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