Friday, June 18, 2010

Zulu Stomp!!

New Garage Rock compilation is out on No Smoke hot off the heels of the mind blowing Ngozi Family '45,000 Volts' reissue.

The same label previously released two Garage Rock compilations 'Cazumbi', covering bands from a variety of regions of Africa. 'Zulu Stomp!!' Exclusively celebrates South Africa with mid sixties, psyched out, garage rock stompers. The western influence on the songs is palpable in both language and experimentation with guitars.

It's been a fetish to get as many garage rock compilations as possible around these parts. Just when it seemed the bottom of the barrel had been scrapped No Smoke true to form, come out with another knock out release. Yes, it's probably more than you'd normally spend on an LP, Yes, it will sell out and Yes, it's totally worth your time.

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