Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mirrors 'Something That Would Never Do'

Cleveland's Mirrors got the reissue treatment last year and one of their only 7"s has just been reissued! Something That Would Never Do is like a 'greatest hits' of songs recorded between '74 and '75. The elusive and solitary release (until now) 'Shirley' 45 on Hearthan (Pere Ubu's label) is also featured. Band members include Jim Jones (Easter Monkeys and Pere Ubu), Craig (Rocket from the Tombs and Styrenes), Paul Marotta (Styrenes) and founder Jamie Klimek. This essential collection of songs released on Velvet Times is packed with psychedelic-velvet-underground-pop-influenced-effortlessly-cool-jams...phew! With all the DIY/Lo-Fi/Thing-a-ma-jig bands popping up everywhere this reissue couldn't arrive at a more perfect time. There are only 800 available worldwide.

Just reissued 7" 'Shirley' can be found here:

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