Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dead Luke 'American Haircut'


From tortured Troggs 'I Want You' cover to warped synthesized rendition of 'Jump Jack Flash' Dead Luke's songs have always packed a wallop. Intensity is what Dead Luke does and it's still intact, but don't be surprised if there's less of the in-yer-face synth action, and more mellowed out psych jams on new album 'American Haircut' on Florida's Dying.

Loner blues songs are delivered with a middle-eastern-mantra quality to them. And sure, you could say this sounds like it has a little Sun City Girl influence in it especially on 'Dream pt. 3' and 'Acid Forest', and what's wrong with that?!

The album oozes with moodiness and nihilism and while it may be argued this isn't a summer record, I actually find it quite perfect - this is coming from a person who is miserable in the heat mind...

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