Thursday, October 6, 2011

Total Control 'Henge Beat'

Total Control's run of 7"s leading up to debut 'Henge Beat' had already won me over. It was surprising that after immediately enjoying singles like 'Retiree' (Iron Lung Records, 2009) and 'Total Control' (Aarght Records! 2008) this new full length didn't have the same instant impact. Instead, 'Henge Beat' has proven to be a grower and is another great example of how when something doesn't grab you straight away it pays off to persevere with it. Australia's Total Control are; Mikey Young, Guitar (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Ooga Boogas, Brain Children) and Dan Stewart, Vocals (UV Race, Straitjacket Nation, Stained Circles, Distort zine), Alistair Montfort, Guitar (UV Race), Zephyr Pavey, Bass (a photographer), James Vinciguerra, Drums (The Collapse, AIDS) . These eleven bleak songs brimming with paranoia are akin to English Post Punk bands like The Prefects, Swell Maps and Glaxo Babies. Personal highlights are "One More Night", "Love Performance" and "Carpet Rash", this album isn't to be missed and is more rewarding with each listen.

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