Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Radioslaps 'Music Is A Mistake'

Here we have debut tape from London's Radioslaps self released earlier this month. Three piece, Alba (synth, vocals), Melissa (drums, vocals) and Pumu (guitar, vocals) have put together ten scuzzy garage punk numbers. 'Music Is A Mistake' isn't challenging garage bands who have come before, rather made out of a love for them and bringing new blood to the genre. These ballistic recordings play out crunchy guitars, shattered rhythms, saccharine synths with simple melodies measured with erratic, atonal vocals. All in all Radioslaps raucous approach makes this album a burst of adrenaline, available as a download or cassette tape through their Bandcamp page.

You can listen to 'Music Is A Mistake' on Radioslaps Bandcamp
Radioslaps Facebook

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