Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sewers 'Tour Cassette 1'

A band name after my own heart.  Australia's Sewers began as a duo for their 2008 demo CD and are currently four piece; Shan Corrigan, Alex Griffin, Joshua Watson and Daniel Decsi.   'Tour Cassette 1' is the follow up to the demo material, recorded by Josh Watson in Woodland on their home turf, Brisbane.  Nine songs are said to have been made and five of those you'll find on this tape with a full length album rumored to be in the works for this year.  Sure, Sewers share an affinity with feedtime, Lubricated Goat and King Snake Roost but they bring new blood, and guts, to a well loved genre.  Bottom feeder lifestyles are described with cacophonous guitars, insubordinate-snotty vocals and forthright rhythms sounded out through swampy distortion.  "Grease My Chain" brilliantly depicts the tone of these five songs through its genuine sense of apathy. "Sinkhole/Bitches' Fuck Off" takes on a Country Teasers track that doesn't challenge what has come before but gives a nod to influences on their songwriting, and to my ears at least captures the same air of frustration as the original.  The troupe began selling this self released tape at shows which are limited to 50 copies but are now available to order through Vacant Valley as well.  It's also worth mentioning their track "Lineage" (not on this tape) also appeared on Negative Guest List compilation 'Wings Over Gabba' - if there was ever a stronger seal of approval I'd like to hear it...

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  1. it should be worth mentioning, that within this stream you miss the dero confessions that were recorded unbeknownst, real glue.