Saturday, October 20, 2012

Roseanne Barrr 'Repulsion'

Coming out soon will be Roseanne Barrr's debut album 'Repulsion' on Primitive Sounds/Tuff Enuff. Patrick and Sophie make up the duet who are based in London. Over the past few years they've brought their grimy punk to backrooms of pubs, DIY spaces and basements all over the UK, sharing the stage with other fine local acts like Satellites of Love, Woolf and Bitches. To my ears at least they share an affinity to No Wave and you can link bits and pieces to bands like Magik Markers and Talk Normal. Roseanne Barrr utilize spoken word, screaming, bass and drums to tell elegies focused on sex and criminality. 'Repulsion' opens with "Desert", a cacophony of deranged horns, quaking bass, tribal drums and monodic dueling vocals unraveling from spoken word to shrill hollers. As the album unfolds it cools off with catatonic tracks like "Nothing to Show Here", pairing off sedated vocals with lethargic bass thrums sounding every bit as raw and damaged as the more raucous numbers. "Feed Me" is a personal favourite, and I always look forward to hearing this one when they play a show, I think it has something to do with the boy/girl yips and yelps biting at each other. Roseanne Barrr are one of kind round these parts, and after a run of tapes it's great to have their work available on a defined record, 'Repulsion' shows that London is a great place to get creepy.

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