Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tyvek 'On Triple Beams'

Tyvek have been turning heads since their first album in 2007 'Fast Metabolism' (What's Your Rupture).  After a few lineup changes and a load of releases, the Detroit outfit continue to prove to be at the forefront of punk today.  'On Triple Beams' is their fourth album, second for In The Red, that sees Tyvek tightening things up whilst staying rough around the edges.  This new album captures what many already know about the band, that they focus on frustrations rooted in the humdrum of daily life.   Tyvek share a fondness of turning the banal upside down with muses Wire and Wipers, whilst bringing something fresh and radical to the table.  The record kicks off with "Scaling" featuring Kevin's signature tannoy system effect vocals - chewy guitars, stomping bass and ramshackle rhythms all forging regulated chaos where Tyvek are as carefree as they are careful.  It's this state of being on edge and strung out that denotes their raucous approach, wonderfully shown on the ballistic "Little Richard".  My other favourite track is "Efficiency", taking a swipe at the tedium of every day life with grinding guitars and one repetitive beat against a backdrop of discordant noise accompanied by Kevin's monotoned holler, "Efficiency is boring...".  After spending a lot of time with the Tyvek back catalogue this album reveals, to me at least, how the band continue to go from strength to strength.  'On Triple Beams' is another great record for the Tyvek cannon - really worth your time.

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