Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Spectrometers : Off

The always great SDZ Records/Crudite Tapes have been pretty busy lately with a slew of new releases.  First up is a tape by The Spectrometers called 'Off', a chilling post-punk piece utilizing drum machines and archaic analogue sounds.  I didn't come up with much after researching The Spectrometers except their bandcamp which cited, "French minimal electronics / old school industrial band".  The fact it's hard to discern whether this is a new tape influenced by said genres or unearthed recordings speak volumes about the authentic sound on 'Off'.  Title track and opener "Off" sets an isolating tone with raspy tape hissing.  "Fallacy" follows with looped beats, sharp synthesizers and a low repetitive bass line.  It's a sense of paranoia that threads through the tracks, made all the more tense by the tracks never quite resolve themselves - aptly displayed on one of my faves "Orgone".  Locked into one arcing arrangement "Orgone" intensifies and as it reaches a point of climax plaintively ends, then repeated.  'Off' is a great listen as there's no release from the fraught atmosphere propelling a state of anxiety throughout.  Available now as a download or tape here.

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