Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dead C : Armed Courage

New Zealand legendary noise makers return with new album 'Armed Courage' for Badabing Records.
After nearly 40 years playing together Michael Morley, Bruce Russell and Robbie Yeats for the first time appeared on the front cover of a music publication not so long ago, and what more fitting than The Wire to host them.  It goes without saying The Dead C were long overdue the accolade as they've always made music on the precipice.  The trio eschew trends and fads allowing them to exist in their own world creating something uniquely theirs, resulting in a vast catalogue of releases that remain unparalleled.

This new album is comprised of two ruminative incantations; Side A "Armed", Side B "Courage".  "Armed" is a weathered track entangling whirling fuzz, gnawed guitars and turbulent rhythms forging something rattled and ominous.  Hunkered down on the following side is "Courage", hollowed out with sedated vocals, static hum, needled guitars and splattered rhythms - which all gradually pull into focus to playout a rapt improvised jam before plaintively withdrawing.  This album is a must have for the converted and new comers alike.

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