Monday, November 4, 2013

Fuzz : Fuzz

Roland Cosio, Ty Segall and Charles Moothart make up power trio Fuzz.  Their first album follows well received single 'Sleigh Ride' also released through In The Red.   'Fuzz' builds on the explosive rock sound from the 45 merging Black Sabbath-esque metal with Hendrix psychedelic stylings on guitar.  'Fuzz' even references grunge with their sludgy number "What's In My Head" that sees Moothart subvert the riff from Stiltskin's "Inside".  As the band name and title suggest there is fuzz accompanied by pounding drums, hefty bass and meteoric guitars, this is best shown on "Haze Maze".  "Hazy mazes tryin' to get to you, well it will end where it began, with your body placed beneath the sand, in again the cycle never ends, made of SKIN forgive your human sin", Segall sings in a strung out holler - and it's these ideas of morality and mortality that thread through the lyrics.  "Loose Sutures" continues, "Bleak futures on the run, I don't know what's to come, fate's forging, beams bent on burning me, run...", accompanied by 70's stadium style breakdown's in the music letting each instrument have their own joyous tangents (and you should have seen people freakout during this song during their show at The Dome recently).  'Fuzz' is made up of 8 interplanetary metal songs that is everything you want from a modern band interpreting 60's/70's rock sounds, for those who need fuzz in their life, here's Fuzz with 'Fuzz', get fuzzy, get Fuzz.