Thursday, December 26, 2013

Magik Markers : Surrender To The Fantasy

'Surrender To The Fantasy' is the new LP from noise-wave crew Magik Markers.  These nine new recordings feature a fresh line up comprised of: Elisa Ambrogio, Pete Nolan and John Shaw.  Joining the band in basements, J Mascis' attic, Pete's "old music room" and a practice space in Brooklyn were Aaron Mullan and Justin Pizzoflerrato, who captured Magik Markers most compelling work to date.  'Surrender To The Fantasy' focuses on familiar tools: guitars, keys, drums and bass, to refine the savage live approach used on earlier albums.  The record melts American rock swagger, psychedelia, folk and visceral noise together in a way that challenges what the band have done before.  This is fittingly shown on "Acts Of Desperation", with Ambrogio taking over drums whilst Nolan bliss-es out on guitar alongside a bluesy harmonica breezing through the track.  "Bonfire" kicks things up a gear invoking mayhem and destruction in a way that completely turns 'punk' on its head.  Songs tie in to places significant to the band like "Crabs" (Hartford, Connecticut) and "American Sphinx Face" (Holy Oke, Massachusetts) for example.  "American Sphinx Face" utilizes distorted/fuzzed/Wah-ed out guitar to needle notes throughout, apace with improvised beats anchored by Shaw's mesmerizing bass line.  'Surrender To The Fantasy' reveals curious twists and turns the more you spend time with it so don't be surprised to find it calling you back for repeated listens.  Magik Markers continue to tread through the underside of American ritual and rock 'n' roll with their usual zeal on 'Surrender To The Fantasy' whilst hitting a new stride as they go. 

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