Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Flesh Lights : Free Yourself

Flesh Lights had me at track 'Crush On You' that featured on 12XU's 'Casual Victim Pile' compilation.  Cousins Max Vendever (Guitar/Vocals) and Elissa Ussery (Drums/Vocals) moved from San Antonio and recruited Jeremy Steen (Bassist/Vocals) when they'd settled in Austin to form Flesh Lights.  Early on you can see their knack for intricate structure and flare for melody delivered as considered as it is spontaneous.   So far they've put out singles for Twistworthy and Super Secret as well as their incredible debut 'Muscle Pop', not to mention this summer's 'No Longer' 7" taken from latest offering 'Free Yourself' (12XU).  Produced by Evan Kleinecke 'Free Yourself' is gritty, wild and daring forging a forward thinking power pop album.  Jaw dropping solos VS scaling guitars, riotous rhythms and gulping bass are channelled at a breakneck pace on these 12 new songs.  Straight out of the gates Flesh Lights go after it pretty hard in ‘Just About Due’.  “I’m just about due for a melt-down/don’t ask me what I'm thinking/because I’m just about due” Vendever buzzes in this assaulted opening track.  ‘Mandarin’ curiously has this Oi! vibe to it, maybe it’s just me?  Do they even like Oi! Bands?!  It mirrors that same rowdy, clomping energy yet is elevated to something that reaches beyond its influences.  ‘Free Yourself’ is loaded with electrifying musicianship that sounds utterly effortless - which only goes to show how tight this band really are.  With songs like ‘Middle Age’, ‘Time Thief’ and ‘Big Break’ one can’t help but get a sense this album is about being stuck, learning how to become unstuck and pushing on.  ‘Free Yourself’ comes out November 4th on 12XU - it’s bold, exuberant and dogged, aspects which capture the lure of Flesh Lights irresistible songs.

You can listen to 'Just About Due' and find pre-order information HERE

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