Friday, September 25, 2015

Exhaustion : Phased Out

Ranging deeper into industrial experimentalism on this new 12” ‘Phased Out’ (12XU), three piece from Melbourne offer up abstractions of corrupted guitars, smokestack vocals,  narcotizing bass riffs and dogged rhythms.  Within this unwavering structure Duncan Blachford, Per Brystrom and Richard Stanley freely roam; forging something renewed and riveting by testing this format to and beyond its limits.  Both tracks ‘Phased Out’ and ‘Colleague’ get the remix treatment by Mikey Young and Rites Wild respectively and only expand the possibilities of where Exhaustion could take things next.  Exhaustion is a band that has been pretty solid for me and this 12” is another string to the bow.  This is the third post and counting on Exhaustion, now’s the time to go and check them out!  

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