Wednesday, July 28, 2010

U.S Girls 'Go Grey'

Megan Remy (aka U.S Girls) is back with 2nd album 'Go Grey' on Siltbreeze.

Remy translates her muses; R&B and British 60s pop, into oblique New Wave with a pop flair. Sure, sometimes it seems like a natural progression to clean up the recording on a follow up record when time and resources maybe on the artists' side. However, Remy embraces the stark noise so don't be surprised to find songs even more abrasive than before. Vocals remain a prominent role in 'Go Grey' and nihilism fiends won't be disappointed as this new record is equally as morose as her first. Stand out tracks lined up back to back on the album; 'Red Ford Radio', 'Sleeping on Glass' and 'I don't have a mind of my own'.

U.S Girls first album 'Introducing U.S Girls' was recorded in Portland 2008, where another album was also being released; Grouper's career defining third record 'Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill'. These two records arguably helped propel contemporary solo female artists in today's music underworld. Thinking about the success of Sacred Bone's Zola Jesus, it's fair to say a niche had started with U.S Girls and Grouper to allow artists like Nika Roza to grow. All three have definitively unmatched voices but tied together with their unique interpretations of isolation. I will be spending the rest of my summer scouring the internet for new blood in female soloists, there's more right? Tell me there's more...

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