Friday, August 13, 2010

Sibyle Baier 'Colour Green'

First album from Germany's unsung folk gem Sibylle Baier has now been reissued thanks to the efforts of a few people close to the singer/actress.

A road trip with a friend in the 70s traveling through the Alps inspired Baier to write her first song 'Remember the Day'. Songs compiled from recordings she made at home between 1970-1973 on a reel to reel device became album 'Colour Green'. Since completing the recording Sibylle Baier has appeared in Wim Wenders' 1973 film Alice in the Cities, and her music featured in Umarmungen und andere Sachen in 1975. However, raising a family became her priority so she gave up music and acting, moved to America concentrating on motherhood. It was her son Robby who got a copy into the hands of J Mascis in 2004, who then sent it on to Orange Twin records. Until it's released in 2006 only her circle of friends and family had heard 'Colour Green'.

Ethereal, from start to finish the album is warm, melancholy and resonates. She tends to be compared to Vashti Bunyan and yeah, they're both folk musicians who achieved success a little after the fact. Jumping forward a bit, Chan Marshall fans may enjoy this record. Baier has a unique voice in her own right though and simply comparing her to someone else isn't doing her justice. The songs are eloquent and sung in a captivating, lamenting tone. The most charming thing about the record is its humbleness and the unassuming nature of the artist.

Today, the official website for Baier set up by her son, seems like she shy's away from the accolades the album has earned her. But, the site also teases that a second album is on the way.

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