Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kleenex/Liliput - Vinyl LP Box Set

For those familiar with this compilation, whether you nabbed the original 1993 double disc set released through Off Course Records, or if you got the 2001 reissue from Kill Rock Stars, Mississippi has upped the ante with a four LP 12 page booklet box set.

When they formed, the girls were put under pressure by company Kimberly Clark to change their name as the sanitary organization planned on using 'Kleenex' to brand tampons. Liliput was chosen to replace it but, now feels like a moniker that never fully stuck leaving both names synonymously existing next to each other. Kleenex/Liliput were together for five years before they disbanded. Forming in 1978 they spent the first four years as a group touring with The Raincoats, Swell Maps and Subway Sect. It wasn't until a year before they split up in 1982 that they had released a full length album. Rough Trade put out their only two records, in addition, they had a meager three singles in the Kleenex/Liliput cannon. Their material went on to play a key part in influencing the Riot Grrrl movement and was championed on John Peel's Radio One Show (see 'Perfect Unpop Peel Show Hits & Long Lost LoFi Favourites 1976-1980').

The tracks have been organized in a slightly different order to the original compilation but all the good stuff is still there. Post punk has had a revivalism over the past few years encouraging a younger generation to bring new blood to the genre. I'm not old enough to have experienced post punk first hand, as much as I enjoy this new breed of bands Mississippi's compilation highlights where it all came from. Kleenex/Liliput's material remains unmatched even by today's standards, which is why it's relevant and so valuable to have these songs reissued once more.

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