Monday, February 28, 2011

The Pheromoans 'It Still Rankles'

The Pheromoans celebrated the release of new album 'It Still Rankles' in fine style last weekend at Ryan's Bar (with profits going towards Letha Melchior Rodman Cancer Fund).

With a run of singles on Sweet Rot, Savoury Days and Night People it was the label that put out their first 7" in 2009 that does the honors releasing Pheromoans debut full length. Convulsive Records (Animals & Men, Dan Melchior) have said of 'It Still Rankles' - "One of the first truly great albums of the decade", I mean to employ no sort of hyperbole when I say I agree. At the forefront of UK's DIY scene right now, The Pheromoans chew up 40 years of music and spit out two to three minute shambolic Punk masterpieces. Fans of Messthetics will enjoy this band as The Pheromoans have a gift for wrapping up all of the best bits of those compilations while leaving their very own distinct mark on the songs. Highlights 'Soft Targets', 'Monged on Valium' and 'Bad Dandelion'.

If you couldn't make it to Ryan's Bar never fear! The Pheromoans are playing with Tyvek in March right here in London, don't miss out on seeing one of the most exciting bands in the UK today.

Interview from Russell for Gilded Gutter

Limited to 500 copies!!




  1. Awesome Record!!! I love your blog and I've been trying to find a way of contacting you... I play in a Brighton based band called Little Ease and I just wanted to send you the link to our stuff. you can stream it at www.littleease.bandcamp and there is a mediafire link on our page; if you like it and want to out it up. Anyway, thanks! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Pete!

    Thanks for the kind words - just saw this message, will check out the pages.

    Any extra info you can send to: