Thursday, June 30, 2011

Purling Hiss 'Lounge Lizards'

'Lounge Lizards' is the fourth LP from Purling Hiss (Mike Polizze, Kiel Everett, Mike Sneeringer) and the band's first release for Mexican Summer featuring blown out, grinding psychedelia with a garage rock wallop. These six new songs are super consistent taking all the best bits of astringent sludge and distortion from bands like Dinosaur Jr and Spacemen 3. Right off the bat from opener "The Hoodoo" pop melodies are laced through the album through crunchy guitars as are the simple and fitting "ooo/ooo" vocals. "Midnight Man" opens with a pulverizing drill aptly summing up what has inspired the sound of the album. Honeyed melodies woven into an onslaught of heavy riffs wailing through six hazy recordings bring a little sweet to go along with the sour on 'Lounge Lizards'. This record is another fine addition to the Mexican Summer cannon and will sound great when killing some time on an afternoon in the sunny months ahead.

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'Lounge Lizards' on Mexican Summer

Record Store Day 2011 release with Puff Areolas

The Hoodoo by TheDeliPhilly2

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