Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scrotum Poles 'Revelation' EP

I first learned of the Scrotum Poles through Messthetics and until now those compilations seemed to be the only way to acquire their songs. Dulc-i-Tone have stepped in and reissued their 1980 single 'Revelation', a 7" which back in the day the lads handmade and released themselves. The group from Dundee, Scotland called it quits a year later in 1981 but continued careers in the arts. Some went on to play in Pigs are Cute, Synthetic Dreams and Summerbees while, Steve Grimmond became the Director of Music, Art and Cultural Services at Dundee District Council.

If there is a better example of quality over quantity I'd like to see it, in these five tracks you really get your money's worth. Irresistible bedroom pop numbers 'Pick Cat's Eyes Out' and 'Helicopter Honeymoon' feature on the EP. Even on the Messthetics compilations incredibly extensive track lists these two songs outshone the wealth of other bands and their infectious quality leaves you humming their songs long after they're finished. The Scrotum Poles' LoFi recording quality would give the very best acts on Siltbreeze or Woodsist a run for their money making this 7" just as relevant today as it was thirty years ago. Limited to 500 copies!!!

Some places that have copies left.
Florida's Dying

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