Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hussy 'Weed Seizure'

The wax has barely set on The Hussy's 2011 debut LP 'Cement Tomb Mind Control' and here they are with a knock-out follow up 'Weed Seizure' just released on Tic Tac Totally (OBN III's, Bare Wires, A Giant Dog). The band are based in Madison, WI made up of duo Bobby Hussy (vocals/guitar/keys) and Heather Hussy (vocals/drums/percussion), some may already be familiar with them through Bobby's ever growing label Kind Turkey. The band recorded and mixed the album, produced it with the help of Bert Roberts and artwork was made by Ben Lyon. Together the pair forge rip-roaring Oblivians inspired garage punk touched by psychedelia's feel good freak outs.

Firing on all cylinders "Undefined" opens the album with radiant pop drenched in surges of fuzz, reverb heavy vocals, jangly rhythms and sanguine tinged guitars that will have any Mikal Cronin or Ty Segall fan drooling. Throughout 'Weird Seizure' there's a play on dueling boy/girl vocals, this is best shown on "Stab Me" which is measured out by dirty buzzing guitars and a bright honeyed glockenspiel. Highlight for me is The Hussy's cover of The Ones "Dog Said Yeah", with the drums propelling the song layers of crunchy guitars swarm alongside urgent vocals complete with a few barks and snarls. The album cools off with official closer "The Moon Rules #1", but with a little bit left in the tank The Hussy sneak in hidden track "Go Outside", and you know what? It's a beau-ootiful day in Buckinghamshire today so that's exactly what I intend to do - and this album is coming with me to go bask in the sun somewhere.

Watch out for The Hussy's two brand new singles on Italy's Goodbye Boozy label and Eradicator Records. They also have an extensive tour coming up - check out the Facebook link below for more details.

The Hussy on Facebook Bandcamp

Find copies at Tic Tac Totally

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