Monday, March 19, 2012

The Lonesome Savages 'All Outta Love' EP

The Lonesome Savages are a group formed in Madison, WI made up of members from Dead Luke and Zola Jesus lead by Max Elliot, the four piece feature drums, a duo of guitars and keyboards alongside howling vocals. The Lonesome Savages offer up a struttin' punkabilly sound that recall acts like The Cramps and Vince Taylor. Crunchy guitars, thudding rhythms and bluesy keyboards dominate four love songs sung with a snarl. "Got Love" best shows the band's fondness for 50's rock 'n' roll with ragged, scaling keyboards and feverish guitars fronted by Elliot's wailed out grunting vocals. The highlight for me is closer "Train Kept A Rollin'" that's simply a great contemporary rock 'n' roll song, not challenging what's come before but having fun with it. Limited to 350 hand numbered copies - first 100 on coloured vinyl - the 7" also comes with two download-able Dead Luke tracks one of which is previously unreleased, the other cover of Suicide's "Ghost Rider", grab it while you can!

Find copies at Kind Turkey

The Lonesome Savages Bandcamp Facebook

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