Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bits Of Shit 'Cut Sleeves'

(cover by Rona Green)

Here we have debut album from Bits Of Shit called 'Cut Sleeves' on Homeless Records.  Grounded in Australia the four piece are; Andy (guitar), Elias (bass), Danny (vocals) and Pete (drums) - who some may know from  The Southernhay Orphans.  To date the band have released one other 7" through Lexicon Devil since their inception three years ago.  Bits Of Shit churn out all the best bits of punk whilst bringing new blood-or shit-to the genre, fueled by raw energy of 70s/80s era 'Cuts Sleeves' is played out with the gusto of pub rock.  

Charging the gates is opener "Orphan Age", a snotty number featuring amphetamine beats, demented guitars and gulping bass fronted by a shrill punk holler.  Thrown into the fray are warped moments like "Traps" delivered by skewed guitars, forthright rhythms and belligerent vocals.   It's this raucous approach that best sums up the album, further shown on spinal spazzing track "Rock Sing".   Recorded by the band at Thombury Clubhouse and mastered by Mikey Young, the first pressing of 100 (blue vinyl) is now sold out, a second pressing of 300 copies is available but only through the band's distribution channels (bandcamp is sold out), grab one before it's gone!

You can hear the whole album on Homeless Records Bandcamp
Bits Of Shit Blog Facefuck

European copies through Don't Buy Records
USA copies through Easter Bilby

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