Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ex-Cult 'Ex-Cult'

Ex-Cult are a group who formed in 2011.  Based in Memphis the five piece deliver crooked, grinding guitars, swarming fuzz, bold beats, bubbling bass and fiery vocals.  Some may know the band previously as Sex Cult from their first two singles however, the group were forced to change their name by a New York techno label and Ex-Cult was born.  This self titled debut (Goner Records) converges Indie, Pop, Hardcore and Psychedelia to forge a sound that brings new blood to the fleet of newer generation punk bands like Hex Dispensers and OBN III's.  Recorded in Eric Bauer's studio in Chinatown San Fransisco and produced by Ty Segall, the band offer up twelve songs that combine elements of Wire, Urinals and X (Australia).  The album rips open with "Knives on Both Sides" featuring strutting, jagged guitars, spat out vocals alongside layers of muddy reverb and fuzz.   "M.P.D" allows guitars to freely roam with spooked solos playing out this paranoid, anxiety driven sound which continues to thread through the record, further shown on "On Film".  Fav song right now is "Shot the Beehive", but it seems to change on every listen as this album is exactly what I want Punk Rock records nowadays to sound like.  Ex-Cult have totally hit the nail on the head and made a fireball of feelgood gutter Punk.  Another solid release from Goner - did you expect anything less?

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