Saturday, June 29, 2013

Obnox : Corrupt Free Enterprise

Ohio grounded Bim Thomas AKA Obnox has followed up his EP from earlier in the year 'Smoke Woody Haze' on 12XU with full length album 'Corrupt Free Enterprise'.  This isn't the start of Thomas' fecund output though, as well as featuring on the aforementioned 12XU he's also appeared on Negative Guestlist, Anyway, Permanent and Smog Veil in addition to working with Bassholes, Puffy Areolas, The Moment In Black History and Unholy Two.  Obnox began to creep into my periphery with his marred punk side road-ed by hip hop on 'Smoke Woody Haze'.  'Corrupt Free Enterprise' sees him push charred noise to it's limits with grinding guitars, burly vocals and meteoric beats.  "(I Wanna Fuck You) Like A Puma"  is the highlight on the album for me, it's insanely catchy but you kinda have to be careful not to sing it in public spaces...  As the album unravels there's layers of psychedelia, funk & hip hop experimentalism that really shows off Thomas' scope in songwriting, this is best shown on "Deep In The Dusk" (featured on 'Smoke Woody Haze EP).  These 17 tracks change gears from chaotic bursts like "Fade Out" to sludgy wanderings like "Reflection".  By the time your hour is up Obnox has chewed you up and spat you out. I've not heard anything else like it this year and that's what keeps me going back, totally unique and refreshing record.

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