Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ooga Boogas : Ooga Boogas

Ooga Boogas follow up their fantastic debut 'Romance and Adventure' with a self titled album that came out at the beginning of summer or there-abouts.   The Melbourne four piece are: Mikey Young, Per Bystrom (whose Aunt also did the stunning artwork), Leon Stackpole and Richard Stanley  - who has released the album on his own Aarght! Records label.  'Romance and Adventure' saw Ooga Boogas put their own stamp on garage rock in 2008, and these ten new songs take a look at rock through different lenses utilizing electronics, so don't be surprised to hear a few changes in their approach.  Opener "Circle of  Trust" features strutting bass & beats alongside guitars building and releasing tension with choppy sections intermittently smoothed over with fuzzed out riffage.  My personal highlights: straight up chugging rock 'n' roll song "Ooga Boogas II", the incredible guitar solo at the end of "Mind Reader" AND "It's a Sign".  "It's a sign that we're making it baby, it's sign that we're doing things right, when I'm looking at you and you're looking at me, when I'm smiling at you and you're laughing at me...", Stackpole sings in a heartfelt holler apace with saccharine guitars, low gulping bass and palpitating beats - he continues "Well it seems we've got something going on, when you take your panties off and don't put 'em back on,".  'Ooga Boogas' has been one of my records of the summer and I'm sure if you get a chance to pick up a copy it'll be yours too!   

Best press release for an album ever:

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